The 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup brings top mixologists from all over the globe to Queenstown, New Zealand, to compete for one of the drinks world’s most prestigious team titles. Competitors and hosted guests enjoy an exhilarating, extraordinary and unforgettable week-long brand immersion that only 42BELOW could offer, held in the adventure capital of the world. 


In 2012, the event adopted the theme The LAB Experiment, delving deep into the dark work of the laboratory. The competing teams were invited into a world of potions, elixirs, lab coats, rogue beasts, strange happenings and challenging experiments. Before competing in a range of creative challenges at locations across Queenstown and Auckland, guests were first invited to Bungy-jump from a cable car 134m above an icy river – definitely the most effective way to cure jet lag! 


The event continued for seven days in which the learning, partying, training, making life-long friends and creating life-long memories ensured that this week still has ‘legendary’ status amongst the global bar community today. For many of the bartenders who were there, 42BELOW’s LAB Experiment was the best week of their lives.