BERLIN, 2017


During the annual Bar Convent Berlin, LAB 5 worked on a bar and club night in which BACARDÍ Rum hosted their industry guests and celebrated the fact that Berlin would, the following year, host their world famous cocktail competition. 

Guests arrived to be served the BACARDÍ Legacy Global Cocktail Competition winning cocktail by current champion, Gn Chan – who was stationed behind an exact replica ‘pop up’ of New York’s iconic cocktail bar Angel’s Share, alongside other well know faces from the competition. They later took a secret door through to the Switchel Disco – hosted and inspired by 2016 BACARDÍ Legacy Global finalist Iain Griffiths from London’s Dandelyan – to party into the early hours.  

The venue was a construction site, conveying the very essence of Berlin’s ‘poor but cool’ vibe, and the theming was glitter, disco and hedomism!